Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This last group of photos from the pumpkin festival emphasize the importance of the pumpkins themselves (except for the first photo). These photos tell the story of the event through the pumpkins. Having them in each photo, brings the event together and gives it purpose. 

On the Move
Around the Pumpkins
The Color of a Pumpkin
Watching and Laughing
On the Top of the World
Finding New Things
Everyone has One
Content and Orange
Heavy Pumpkins
The Pumpkin Patch

Food at the Festival

While at the festival, I also tried focusing in on other subjects. I took enough photos that there could be enough to choose from for a subject. These next photos are focused on the subject of food and food sales. 

These first three photos are of the children that ran one of the stores. They did all of the work with an adult supervisor. 

Waiting On Customers 
Hard At Work

His Own Bag
The American Way
Our Food
Festival of Early Fall
At the Counter
Ice Cream Truck

A Time For Family

These photos represent family. All of them were taken at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. When taking photos of an event, I feel that to have to try to show an idea. In other words, you have to try to send a sort of message about the event. With these photos, I am sending the message that pumpkin patches are fun for the whole family. Here at the festival, everyone is happy and united. 

Children Playing

Eating Together

Taking A Break


Walking With

To the Tractor

Free Ride

In the Crowd

Looking and Living

Corn Maze

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The last of the salsa photos

Our Hands
Concentrating on placement, they had no idea that I was watching them. In this photo, I am an outsider to an intimate moment. A moment that was unplanned and yet still creates a beautiful shape. 

Flashing Fall
I love how this photo has so much movement. With the combination of not seeing their faces, the contrast, the intensity of the light, and even their shadow against the floor, this photo has a very unreal feeling to it. It is very mysterious. 

Sass is the best word that describes this photo. Krystal is the ket component just as it should be. Salsa is a dance that shows off a woman's beauty. I feel that this photo captures those intentions.

This photo expresses intimacy and the dramatic movement of salsa. This feeling is emphasized through high contrast, and high exposure. The movement itself also works well with the frame.