Sunday, September 21, 2008

Butchering My Foot

Finding the right frame to highlight what you want in a photo can be a time consuming task. I wanted to take photos of my foot and focus in on the scars. These two photos demonstrate how changing the frame can drastically change the photo. 

In this first photo, I feel the frame works well with the foot by closing in on the scars and providing an interesting border. I think that having the object in the photo interact with the frame helps set up a good balance. I did this by having the leg and the heel coming out of the photo. The background also interacts with the frame by using the right angles of the corners to create triangles. In the bottom right corner, you can see the black triangle, and complementing it is a larger white triangle formed from the upper left corner. The opposing black and white and their use of the frame all work together to frame the scar itself.     

However, in tis second photo, the frame does not help highlight the scar. There is too much emphasis in the background in this photo. Also, the frame cuts off too much of the foot and the scar looses its striking appearance. While the lines are still using the frame to create interesting shapes, they do not support the purpose of the photograph. So, this is just a good example of how framing can be used without having the correct effect.  

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