Sunday, September 21, 2008

Framing with Landscape

In these photos, I wanted to see what the best way is to capture multiple layers. In this first photo, you can tell that there are the layers consisting of the rocks, water, foreground trees, and  background trees. However, the photo appears to be a bit cluttered and you cannot really tell how much of each layer there is. 

However, in this second photo, I opened up the view by allowing both the middle and foreground to interact with the bottom of the frame. Now, you are able to get a sense of the path of water and of how much water there actually is. You also do not loose the photo to the foreground. In the first photo, the rocks were taking over the focus. In this photo, though, your eyes are able to move more freely using the water as a path. 

Another thing, concerning both photos, is how the objects in the photo interact with the frame. You cannot really see the whole of something. Everything gets cut off, suggesting that there is more. To me, this helps open up the photo to the viewer even more.

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